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Music & DJ Services

Based on Wendy Squires-Ennis’ past experience with videotaping wedding receptions, we will offer a DJ service that will be helpful and stress-free for you as a couple. Here are some benefits of booking your music with us:


• Our DJ’s will be friendly and helpful and will always dress and act professionally.

• They will not drink alcohol.

• They will not play the music TOO loudly.

• There will be a good variety of music that will be changed accordingly to suit you and your guests.

• We will add any music that you want to hear that may be outside of our song range.

• We will take requests throughout the evening.

• We will guide you through the evening, such as helping with the bouquet/garter toss, timing of last dance, etc.

• We will play music using a laptop and we will have BACK-UP to prevent any mishaps.

• The speakers will be placed in a fashion that will best distribute the sound throughout the room.

• Feel free to use our microphone for any announcements, etc.



Ceremony Music


Available whether you booked dance music with us or not, but ONLY if we are booked to officiate your wedding ceremony.


Includes the following: set-up, break-down, technician for monitoring sound and any combination of music control needed, such as; a mic for me and you for vows, mic for readers or singer, plug in instruments like keyboard or guitar, or play pre-recorded music.


Different location set-up: Set-up wherever the wedding takes place; in a garden, reception hall, etc. Any movement of equipment, even within the same reception room, or a change from outdoor location to indoor location on the day-of is considered a different location set-up. This fee applies due to movement of equipment or short notice delegation of equipment and staff.


Same location set-up: Ceremony in same place as reception. No movement of equipment. MUST book our dance music for the same location set-up fee.



Reception Music


Dinner Music and Dance: Music from 6pm to 1am.

• 1am to 2am – additional fee applies

• Before 6pm (excluding ceremony music) - additional fee applies


Dance Only: Music from 9pm to 1am.

• 1am to 2am – additional fee applies

• Before 9pm (excluding ceremony music) - additional fee applies



Music Policies


A discount applies off the 1am to 2am price, if you book all of the following with Wendy’s Wedding Works/Ennis Audio:

• Marriage Commissioner

• Ceremony Music (Different set-up OR Same set-up location)

• Dinner Music and Dance (6pm to 1am package)


A travel fee applies to weddings outside of St. John’s and surrounding area. (Rounded up to the ½ hour, with inclement weather consideration).


A non-refundable deposit of half is required to confirm your booking and is due within 24 hours of notifying me that you are confirming. If your non-refundable deposit is not received within this time frame your booking will NOT be confirmed. The balance is not due until a week or two before the wedding, when we will meet to go over the details. You may pay the balance in advance if you wish.


Once payment of the non-refundable deposit is received, you will be confirmed and you will get a receipt by email. We will need to meet a week or two before the wedding to go over the details of how your evening will play out. We will help you with suggestions for formal dances and traditions and discuss your playlist.


All deposits are non-refundable. If the wedding is cancelled at any time or postponed within three months of the wedding date, the deposit is forfeited. If a wedding is postponed three months or more before the wedding date, the deposit will apply to the new wedding date up to the end of the next year. This applies to one date change only.



Methods of Payment


The preferred method of payment is e-transfer (Formerly Interac Email Money Transfer). Cash, Personal Cheques and Credit Card Cheques (made payable to Wennis Enterprises Inc.) are still accepted. We apologize for not taking credit cards directly.


Dance Traditions

Start of Dance…

1. Couples First Dance

2. Bride with Father or Guardian

3. Couple with Bridal Party

4. Alternatives/Extras:

o Groom with Mother or Guardian

o Couple with All Parents

o Couple with their Child(ren)


Later in the Evening…

Bride with Men

Bride with BFF’s

Groom with Women

Bouquet and Garter Toss


Couples Last Dance

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