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Meet Wendy


As an Entrepreneur, Wife and Mom…


Self-employment came naturally to Wendy because she was raised in a business environment. Her parents, Wendell and Helen Squires (nee Nash), owned and operated service stations, rental properties and a convenience store during her school years.


At only twelve years old, Wendy began her wedding journey. She was introduced to the wedding industry by labeling videotapes for brother Ross Squires, owner of Memories Forever Video Productions, Limousine Service and Honeymoon Suite in St. John’s. Their brother, Derrick Squires also owned Memories Forever Video Productions in Ajax, Ontario, for many years. Wendy followed in her brothers’ footsteps and also worked as a professional videographer from 1995 to 2003.


In 2000, Wendy married her high school sweetheart, Shawn Ennis. They were excited to start a family and in 2009 they were blessed with their beautiful little angel, Sidney Avery. Wendy manages motherhood and business with ease, while she continues to challenge herself professionally.



As a Videographer…


At only nineteen, Wendy’s video career began. The long hours, the highway driving, the physical labour and the stressful situations, quickly instilled characteristics like working well with others, confidence, assertiveness, dedication and professionalism. Over the next nine years, she gained invaluable experience in the wedding industry.


Throughout her video career, Wendy trained and pursued a career as a Registered Massage Therapist. After three years of managing both careers, Wendy had to make the unfortunate decision to conclude her video work. Wendy knew that weddings would always be a part of her life and she credits her video work for helping her to become the entrepreneur that she is today.



As a Marriage Commissioner…


Wendy and Shawn had a civil wedding ceremony in 2000, and even then they personalized a few things in their ceremony. Little did she know then that in 2003, she would become a marriage commissioner and begin Wendy’s Wedding Works, where she herself would officiate wedding ceremonies.


Because of her time as a professional videographer, Wendy learned about the things couples liked and disliked about their wedding ceremonies. She always thought that as a couple, you should have control of your ceremony and therefore, she allows you to make all of the decisions, while offering friendly suggestions along the way.


You reap the benefits of Wendy’s expertise. She will dedicate time to your wedding and it is evident that she really cares about your special day. Her passion for weddings will shine through as she reads your wedding vows. And who better to marry you, than someone who is so happily married herself?



As a Wedding Advisor…


Although she would no longer be behind the camera, Wendy knew that her passion for weddings would continue. She decided to help couples hire their wedding professionals and prepare for their wedding from a practical point of view, with the knowledge she attained. While some of the practical helpful hints deal with issues that pertain to Newfoundland weddings, thanks to this website, many of the hints can be used by anyone at anytime and from anywhere.



As a Civil Celebrant…


After working with so many wedding clients who wanted their ceremonies outside of the church, Wendy noticed a general need for other secular ceremonies. She then created a secular naming ceremony and a secular funeral to meet the demand. These ceremonies are personalized to suit the needs of the family. Wendy is the first and to her knowledge, the only person, to provide this type of service in our province.


For those families who do not want religious ceremonies, they finally have an alternative. Wendy is now seeing couples that she has married call on her again, to conduct naming ceremonies for their children. Wendy has been told that her caring nature makes them feel like she is part of the family and she too feels like they are family.
































As a Retailer…


Following the trends and to meet the demand in her wedding ceremonies, Wendy has created products to sell to her clients including; Unity Sand Ceremony Kits, Unity Candle Kits, Memorial Candle Kits, Wedding Emergency Kits and Getting Married/Just Married Licence Plates.


In order to benefit the sound quality at wedding ceremonies, Wendy introduced a sound system rental to the scene in 2006. We monitor the microphones and music needed for the ceremony such as; microphones for Wendy, the vows, readers and singers, as well as, plugging in  instruments and playing pre-recorded music.



As a Professional DJ…


Due to combined experience from videotaping the dances at weddings and more recently the sound system at ceremonies, Wendy now offers a professional DJ service for your wedding under the name Ennis Audio. This service is available for your ceremony, reception and dance. Digital media is used with back up on site and with thousands of songs from which to choose.


Ennis Audio promises to offer a music service that will be helpful and stress free for you as a couple.  The disc jockeys are friendly and helpful and will always dress and act professionally. They will not drink alcohol or will not play the music TOO loudly.  There will be a good variety of music that will be changed accordingly to suit you and your guests and any music of your own may be added as well.  The speakers will be positioned to best distribute the sound throughout the entire room. They will take


requests and guide you through the evening, such as helping with the bouquet/garter toss, timing of last dance, etc.



As a Registered Massage Therapist…


In 2000, Wendy began her practice as a Registered Massage Therapist and in 2007 became an Infant Massage Instructor. Wendy works in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s but has worked in clinics with Chiropractors and other RMT’s in the past.


Although adults make up most of her client base, Wendy has a special interest in working with children and educating parents about the benefits of infant and pediatric massage therapy. Along with her clinic, she also holds infant massage classes for parents, where they learn how to massage their babies and children at home. She even named her business with children in mind, from the story of Peter Pan and Wendy - Neverland Massage Therapy Clinic. “Let Wendy take you to Neverland, where adults feel young again and children Never grow old.”


Wendy has been a director with the Newfoundland and Labrador Massage Therapists’ Association and has also served on the board with the College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland and Labrador.



As a Trade Show Host…


Wendy’s desire to help people and her love for children sparked the idea of the Pride & Joy Parent Show. In September 2008 and May 2009, she hosted two successful parent trade shows with help from her friends, Shanna Butt and Audrey Wade-Didham. Local businesses related to parenting and children promoted to parents while children were kept occupied with entertainment and activities. The admission was in aid of the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation. Wendy does plan to host other shows in the future.



As a BIG Couple with Big Brothers, Big Sisters…


Wendy and Shawn adore children and voluntarily became a BIG couple with Big Brothers, Big Sisters in 2000. They were blessed to meet their LITTLE brother, Gregory and from the first smile, he warmed their hearts and they knew he was the perfect little brother for them.


Just about every Sunday for six years, Wendy and Shawn would go on outings with Gregory and have lots and lots of FUN!  Even with their busy schedules, they always made time for Gregory until he grew to be a teenager and was too busy himself. They believe that by their example, Gregory learned that with good, old-fashioned honesty and hard work, he can accomplish anything. They have always kept in touch with Gregory and since 2008 he has worked with Wendy as a sound technician for her wedding ceremonies.


For information about how to become a big sister, brother or couple, please contact your local Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization.


Wendy and Shawn's daughter Sidney.

Wendy and Shawn on their Wedding Day!
Wendy Squires-Ennis

Marriage Commissioner

Wedding Advisor

Civil Celebrant


9 Drover’s Heights

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, NL

Phone: 709.895.8697 (VOWS)

Toll Free:  877.895.8697



Wendy and Shawn on their wedding day.

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